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Dea Eros M PE-in

There is no escaping it. Let the recessed mounted Dea Eros Pendulo exuberantly set the tone and you’ll fall in love immediately. Its beautiful design and radiant lighting will influence any room. Combine with other Dea Eros fixtures to unify your project. Now it is up to you to choose which reflector color suits your project best.

Produktblad (PDF)
cri 90
cct 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
chromaticity tolerance 3 MacAdam
elclass Class II
housingmaterial Aluminum Die Cast
ip rating IP20
lifetime 50000h
lightsource 927 (2700K / CRI90), 930 (3000K / CRI90), 940 (4000K / CRI90)
lightsource energyclass E, F
lightsource identifier CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F1, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F10, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F11, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F12, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F13, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F14, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F2, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F3, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F4, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F5, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F6, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F7, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F8, CLU028-1204C4-273H5M3-F9, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F1, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F10, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F11, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F12, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F13, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F14, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F2, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F3, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F4, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F5, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F6, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F7, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F8, CLU028-1204C4-303H5M3-F9, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F1, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F10, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F11, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F12, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F13, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F14, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F2, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F3, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F4, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F5, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F6, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F7, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F8, CLU028-1204C4-403H5M3-F9
luminaire color Black, White
luminaire dimension 100x83mm
lightsource energy class E, F
mains voltage 220-240V / 50 -60Hz
netweight 0.5
optic Reflector
powersupply Included ON/OFF
reflector color Black High Gloss, Black Matt, Chrome, Copper, Gold, Silver High Gloss, White
system efficiency 80lm/W, 88lm/W, 96lm/W
system power 12.5W
product tags NEW
warranty 5Y
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